2014 09 12

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Show Information[edit]

[Hatebreed] plays Harpos Concert Theater in Detroit, Michigan. September 12, 2014.

Opening act(s): Distant Descend, [Flames Burn Black]

This was a show celebrating 40 years of Harpos ownership by the McCausland family. Hatebreed came in specifically for the show, they were not on tour at the time. Lots of cool information at [this] article on the Detroit Freep Press online by Rachel May, awesome guitarist of [NovaDriver].


[YouTube - Flames Burn Black] - Video recorded on stage, behind band. Average video, average audio.

[YouTube - Hatebreed - Fighting to Succeed] - Average video, average audio

[YouTube - Hatebreed - Live for This] - This one seems to be taken from a cell phone or device on stage. Interesting/unusual angle, poor video and poor audio quality though.