2014 06 28

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Show Information[edit]

Rittz plays Harpos Concert Theater. June 28, 2014. Openers: Raz Simone, Sixx Digit, Articulate Productions, Shysta Smooth

"The OD Tour"


[YouTube - Sixx Digit Promo] - Rapper Sixx Digit doing a YouTube video promoting the show.

[YouTube - Articulate Productions Show Promo] - Well, I respect what these gentlemen are doing. I understand they were an opener, and Harpos told them to sell a certain number of tickets to buy their way on to the stage. But if this video doesn't remind you of [Stepbrothers Boats n' Hoes] well... man. Rough.

[YouTube - Shysta Smooth Promo] - I'm running out of commentary on these.

[YouTube - Shysta Smooth Live]